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Gaps between the Teeth: Black Triangle and Diastema

North Shore Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry offers a conservative approach to closing the infamous gaps between the teeth to allow you to smile again. By using highly esthetic composite bondings, the black triangles or diastema can be closed without having to damage any of your healthy teeth and gum.

Black Triangle And Diastema

Smile with Confidence After Closing The Infamous Teeth Gaps With Cosmetic Bonding, A Conservative and Esthetic Solution

If you are bothered by having a black triangle or diastema between your teeth and gums, you probably refrained yourself from smiling wide when posing for selfies. Black triangle and diastema are the space or gap between the teeth and gum line right in the middle of your upper front teeth or lower front teeth. It can happen because of age, gum recessions, teeth crowding that were straightened with braces and Invisalign or even from cavities and gum disease.

Those gaps can not only make you feel self-conscious but they can also cause food traps, accumulation of plaques, tartars and stains. Some patients might even experience speech problems or even unintentionally spitting through those gaps while talking.
Our dentists can fix all of this by carefully adding a biocompatible, tooth-colored composite resin between your teeth gaps and polish them to appear natural and beautiful, as if you never had those gaps. Moreover, not only will this make you look better, it also supports a healthier mouth. By filling the gaps between the teeth, the food impaction and plaque and tartar build up can be prevented, which in turn reduces bacterial growth and gum inflammation.
Black Triangle and Diastema

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Black Triangle And Diastema

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